The process of creating UPMADE® certified garments is simple and fast thanks to UPMADE® Software. For a brand, it begins with a product-based analysis to determine how to best proceed depending on the existing materials and design. Then, producer(s) will be chosen to complete the full process of UPMADE® Certification — to ensure their capability to manufacture upcycled garments according to UPMADE® criteria. Once certified, the UPMADE® Software allows the brand to order UPMADE® certified upcycled garments from these producers, without altering their mutually set-in design and production process.


  • Upcycling reduces waste — which leads to energy, water and other savings by avoiding new material production.

  • When selling UPMADE®-certified upcycled garments, Brands send a transparent and credible message to their customers: We clean up after ourselves by creating garments from our leftover fabrics. We are part of the solution, not the problem.

  • Certification ensures that the highest labour and chemical standards are met.